Are you looking for ways to make better software and to become more efficient in developing software? Are you involved in software development and do you want to improve, learn and grow? You have found the right place - On this site and others, I write actionable advice and technical articles for software developers, testers and manager on a regular basis.

My name is David Tanzer, and I help my clients to earn more money by developing the right software and to save more money by developing software right. I can help you by providing:


You know that something is not working well, but you don't know exactly what the problem is or which root cause created the problem. I can help you find out and find ways to deal with the problem.
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You know what you want to achieve, but you need somebody who works with your teams towards those goals on a daily or weekly basis. I will be there for your people and engage them to improve and grow.
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You know that you or your colleagues need to learn a new skill or technology. You also know that it is more effective to learn with an experienced trainer than on your own. I will help you learn what you need to get started.
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You need some code to be written. You need somebody who helps your team, day-to-day, in-the trenches. I can work with your team as a developer and help them to write high-quality software.
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Your company can save a lot of money if you can become more efficient in developing software. And it can earn more money if you can make better software - Software that better fits the needs of your customers.

I help my clients to...

Become Better at Software Design

Most of the code bases I have seen as a consultant in the past 10+ years had at least some problems with their designs and architectures. Some were actually quite good, with only minor problems. Others were at a point where developers could not do a good job anymore.

Join my Workshop: Clean Software Design & Clean Code to get better at software design.

Here are some articles I wrote about this topic:

  • Simple Design Passes It's Tests Why you need tests to have a good software design.
  • Boilerplate vs. Magic Boilerplate code can be a problem when writing new code, and sometimes when changing code. Magic can be a problem when reading code. You should strive to eliminate both.
  • Smaller Steps Why you should work in smaller steps. And have a save point you can revert to when something goes wrong.
  • 6 Reasons Why You Should Avoid SingletonsThe "Singleton Pattern" has no place in a modern software design. Do not use this pattern when designing software.
  • Changes and Simplicity You will only have a system that is easy to change if your design is really simple.
  • Well Crafted Code, Quality, Speed and Budget Well crafted code will ship faster, and here I explain why. This is basically the reason why you should always pay attention to the design and architecture of your software.

Even small problems in the design and architecture of a system can cost a ridiculous amount of money. So you should try to keep your design and architecture as clean as possible.

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Rescue Legacy Code

If you have been working on something significant with a large team for a while now, chances are that you have quite a bit of legacy code lying around now. Your legacy code is valuable to you - It works in production and provides value to your users. On the other hand, it impedes your progress. You need to rescue it...

Here are some articles I wrote about this topic:

Don't let your legacy code slow you down. Don't throw away the valuable stuff in it by rewriting everything - That will take a long time and brings a lot of risk. Try to rescue your legacy code!

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Create Higher-Quality Software

Is your quality really as high as you'd like it to be? Even small quality problems can be very expensive. Defects that escape to production cost an incredible amount of money and time. Especially if you factor in the time your users lose and your opportunity cost. Higher quality software is usually cheaper and faster. So you should continuously improve your quality...

Join my Workshop: Clean Software Design & Clean Code to learn how to write higher-quality software.

Here are some articles I wrote about this topic:

"Investments in quality always pay for themselves" - so the saying goes. Well, I think it is not that simple. But investments in quality do pay for themselves when done right.

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Improve the Effectiveness of Your Teams

Say you are working with a team of 10 software developers. Every hour lost due to the small inefficiencies in your team costs you between 500 and 1000 Euros. Or even more, if you are in a high-wage area with high office space prices. And there's always the risk of wasting a lot of time by not developing what your users want or by finding a high-impact defect. That's why we want to become more agile and more effective. And that's why you should work hard on removing and mitigating risk...

Here are some articles I wrote about this topic:

You can save a lot of money by improving the effectiveness of your teams. A professional coach can help you with that.

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