Yesterday, the second sprint of my current project started. It is my first scrum project, and I am really glad that I have the chance to work in one. I was always interested in Agile development, and scrum in particular, but so far I never had the chance to get hands-on experience. Now this is about to change - I am even considering to become a certified scrum master.

During the planning of the second sprint we had help from a well known scrum consultant: Andreas Wintersteiger. It’s really helpful to have someone experienced who ansers all your questions. We now feel that we are much better prepared than during our first sprint. We now even have a task board:

Empty task board

This image is from friday, now the task board obviously looks completely different. In the first sprint we tried to manage the tasks with JIRA, which is quite good. But a real task board on the office wall is much better (more fun :) ). It’s easier to see progress this way, and moving / resolving tasks is more communicative.

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