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I want to help my clients to develop better software and to get better at developing software. So, I provide these services - In Europe and around the world:


You know that something is not working well, but you don't know exactly what the problem is or which root cause created the problem. I can help you find out and find ways to deal with the problem.


You know what you want to achieve, but you need somebody who works with your teams towards those goals on a daily or weekly basis. I will be there for your people and engage them to improve and grow.


You know that you or your colleagues need to learn a new skill or technology. You also know that it is more effective to learn with an experienced trainer than on your own. I will help you learn what you need to get started.

Find out how I can help your team to learn...


You need some code to be written. You need somebody who helps your team, day-to-day, in-the trenches. I can work with your team as a developer and help them to write high-quality software.

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I like how David explains the theory during a practical exercise and how he involves all attendees. We created concrete results and he always addressed our individual needs.

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David Tanzer
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