I already mentioned my side projects - JSXP and gclimbing - a couple of times. Now I have decided to start a series of posts which will describe several aspects of these projects in greater detail.

Because of several constraints involved I work in a different way on these projects than I would do for a client. Here I don’t mind taking shortcuts. I can afford to skip a lot of tasks that would be needed when working with a team because I work alone. I do not depend on these projects, I do them mostly for fun. This changes some of the rules.

The aspects I want to describe are:

Every item from the list above will become a blog post and I will turn this list into links over time.

Update: I added “Taking breaks” to the list and removed “Deployment” and “Advertising / Marketing”. Deployment would have been rather boring (I have and ant build that does most of the work, but there are still some manual steps involved). For advertising and marketing I have a concept, but I cant’t tell if it works yet.