Update: Revised plans for gclimbing.com, scribblingspree.com

Here is my plan for gclimbing for the rest of the year: In addition to some bug fixes and minor updates, I plan to roll out three new features before December 2011:

  • Picture upload: The albums from picasaweb and facebook are nice and were a good start. Anyway, climbers should be able to upload pictures directly to gclimbing.com instead of any other site.
  • Topos: Climbers should be able to add information about their favourite climbing crags, hiking tours, mountain bike trails, etc. The system should support wiki-like editing for this kind of information.
  • Climber Profiles: Climbers should be able to edit their profile page and add more information about them.

There are only two months left so this schedule is a little tight, but I hope I will make it. IMHO these 3 features are necessary so I can implement some really cool features next year (But I’ll write more about them in a future blog posting).