After my first contact with JavaScript (I think during University, maybe even earlier) I hated it. I thought it was a mess. And since that time, I never really wanted to learn it. I avoided writing JS code whenever possible. When there’s so much left to learn it is easy to skip on things that seem uninteresting.

I still have much to learn. There never seems to be enough time for that. But for several reasons I had to write little bits of Javascript in the past 2 years - And I have to say: It is a nice language. And there are powerful libraries like jQuery. It is still lacking a good IDE and debugger, but google chrome or firebug are not that bad for developing JS code.

One thing I particularily disliked a few years back was the object model and the dynamic type system. Now I see that the prototype based object model is an interesting solution to some problems. And the dynamic typing comes in handy for quickly exploring solutions. Maybe I am now ready for dynamic languages, although I still like static typing in java.

I am still not an expert JS developer and I might never be. All I can say now is that I won’t avoid JS tasks from now on and I’ll slowly improve my knowlege of the language.