Some time ago I wrote an article about how I dislike fancy job titles. I wrote there that often I call myself “software developer” or “programmer”. In the last few weeks I found some other articles about whether you should call yourself a programmer or not. For example, Patrick McKenzie writes Don’t call yourself a programmer. He argues that engineers are hired to create business value, not to program things:

Don’t call yourself a programmer: “Programmer” sounds like “anomalously high-cost peon who types some mumbo-jumbo into some other mumbo-jumbo.” [...] Instead, describe yourself by what you have accomplished for previously employers vis-a-vis increasing revenues or reducing costs.

Ok, I get it. Even before I read this, I tried to highlight the fact that I can build things and that I can provide value. I write this blog, post on Twitter and and you’ll find a lot of Information about how I can provide value in my CV. But when somebody asks me “What do you do for a living”, I won’t say “I am Principal Senior JEE Solution Architect” (*). I say “I am a programmer” or “I develop software”. It is quicker that way and describes better what I do.

(*) A totally made up title, I never was one. But some of my previous customers had job titles like this.

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