This year at the Mathem Campus, I will give a talk about “Framework Design”. I will also host a day long scrum workshop together with Daniel Haslinger from Objectbay.

The scrum workshop, called “Hands-on scrum”, is something we never did before, but we are pretty sure it will be great fun for everybody. Also, there’s a lot to learn there. It will be really hands-on for everybody - we have only 6 slides, everything else will be done by the participants. I think there are still places left - contact Mathema (see link above) if you are interested.

My talk about framework design will be more conventional, but I won’t show an endless stream of slides with bullet points. I think my slides are better than that - I am quite satisfied with them, although some of them need a little more polishing.

I already have a concept for the talk, but I think it is a little bit too long. I guess I’ll have to cut out some topics. I also have to work on my delivery, which is pretty hard for me, because I am kind of an introvert. But there is still more than a week left to train ;)

I will post all the slides, some pictures and some additional info after the campus. Maybe I will even add a video (like the one from the Wicket training I gave), but I can’t promise that. So: Stay tuned for more information about this great conference!