Update: Here is day 2.

a picture from the keynote

Today was my first day at Droidcon Berlin - and it was a great day! My session about framework design got accepted for Barcamp.

people lining up for barcamp pitches

There were a lot of people in the audience considering that it was an “off topic” session. I have made the slides for this session available here for download. The slides also contain my notes (in german), but only after the slides without notes. I could not convince LibreOffice to export the presentation in a more reasonable format :(

Framework_Design_Short.pdf - The slides from the Barcamp session.

I had already deleted one chapter form my “Mathema Campus” session: “Tightness”. Time was rather short (30 minutes) so I was still running out of time and had to skip the last chapter (Succinctness). But don’t worry: I am currently working on a mini series on this blog about framework design. I will probably write the next post next week, because this week there is a lot going on with Droidcon and some meetings. The mini series can be found here:

Framework Design Principles - A mini series about framework design.

Before lunch I heard some talks that were not especially good, but not too bad either. After lunch I got luckier: The sessions were a lot better than. Especially one about cross platform development with eclipse RAP mobile.

I bought this cute little guy from DINOvanSAURIER (@ DinoVanSaurier:

hand made android figurine

It is hand made and from a limited edition for droidcon - isn’t it awesome?

Later today Sony announced the “Xperia Sola” - A phone with some nice features like NFC and “Floating Touch”. Floating touch basically means that the phone recognizes your finger before you touch it. That way you can highlight stuff without clicking it. Also, a Sony representative told us that there will be Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) updates for all 2011 and 2012 phones “soon”. This is good news, I guess (but depends on the definition of soon ;) ).

So, see you all tomorrow, good night.

empty theatre at droidcon berlin

Update: Here is day 2.