I am just at the beginning of my journey - My journey towards becoming a better software developer, towards understanding how teams work and towards helping others. I will always be at the beginning. I hope I’ll never forget that.

Yes, I am a Certified ScrumMaster. I am also a Kindergarten Graduate. Both were really good places to start, not good places to stop. Kate Oneal

Whatever we have learned so far is just a good place to start. But I think there is no good place to stop - ever. Sometimes it is hard to admit that. And sometimes it is too easy to become arrogant. I sometimes have to remind myself that there is a lot more for me left to learn. Even about things I think I already know (*).

If there is no good place to stop, then the way ahead is longer than the way already traveled. Because it never ends. This means that I am still at the very beginning (or very close to the beginning). But that’s a good thing. Nothing ever really ends. There is always a chance to learn. There is always a way to improve. To make something in our world a little bit better.

Molly Grue: But what if there isn't a happy ending? Schmendrick: There are no happy endings, because nothing ends. The Last Unicorn

When was the last time you thought you didn’t need to pick up a book or go to a training because you already knew the topic? Were you really right?

(*) For example, I just bought the Design Patterns book because I realized that I never read it. I learned most of the patterns from other sources.

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