Next week I will be giving a one hour talk about Apache Wicket and AJAX at Con-Fess Conference 2012 in Salzburg. Yesterday I finished preparing the first draft of the talk, which I will refine over the weekend.

I have several slides, but I hope I will be done with them in 20-30 minutes, because what I really want to show is code. And I also want to leave some time for discussion.

The slides start with a general introduction to AJAX and an introduction to Apache Wicket, both only very basic stuff. Then I will introduce the concepts needed to do AJAX in Wicket: Components, Behaviors and AJAX-specific behavior. This will show that wicket comes with a lot of AJAX functionality out of the box, but sometimes you need more flexibility. In the last part - if there is still time - I want to show how to achieve that, by using jQuery to send an AJAX request to the Wicket backend.

There will be several code examples: I will show how to use components, behaviors, some AJAX behaviors and the jQuery call. I want to do most of the coding live, because I think this way it is easier to follow for the audience. I have prepared a working solution that I can show if time is running short.

I think this is some pretty interesting stuff, especially for people who had not much previous exposure to Wicket. I hope I’ll see you there.