The videos from this year’s con-fess conference are available now. I have embedded a short video of my talk about “Apache Wicket and AJAX” in this blog post. The whole video can be found on the conference pages:

After seeing the video I must say that I am quite satisfied with how my session went. I think it was much better than the presentations I gave 2-3 years ago. BTW, the table was great for doing the code examples: No sitting down and standing up before/after programming. Still there are several things I have to work on:

  • The way I stand and move does not look like I feel comfortable. The funny thing is that I did feel comfortable during this presentation!
  • Do I move my hands too much?
  • I should not laugh at my own jokes (The audience laughed and I joined. Still, not good.)
  • There are several occations where I use German grammar. I'll have to try to stop that.
  • Some of my sentences still sound like questions. I should work on this even more.
  • Sometimes I changed slides too early, sometimes too late (but mostly it was OK).
  • I should talk more during code examples.

What else could I improve in future presentations? Please contact me and tell me your suggestions!