This blog posting is part of the Freelancer to entrepreneur series.

Yesterday we activated the first users at And then… not much happened. But I think that was to be expected. But let’s go back to the start.

In July, just about three months ago, I posted Freelancer to entrepreneur - Week 1. I had just started working on a product. Three weeks later, our landing page went online: I started using it immediatley for my own invoices. Then, just about a month ago, I started telling people about it per email. Some of them registered for the beta test. And some others registered after following our google ads.

And now we activated the first users. We have been navigating in the dark for much too long. We built much more than a MVP, and we hope that this was not a mistake. Still, activating those users was hard. I was afraid. What if all the feedback was negative? What if everything crashed? Still, we had to do it. So, yesterday evening, our first couple of users received their registration keys.

Then nothing happend. But then, this morning, I received two support emails. One customer asked what a specific field in our registration form meant. The other email was a stack trace. A stack trace! First I panicked. Then I saw that it was a minor problem. I fixed it and I also changed the wording of our registration form.

Now everything is running again. We are still waiting for some real feedback. In the mean time I will keep improving some minor things. And later I will start to implement the next big feature - A feature that I have been missing all the time since I was using the service for my own stuff.

Only time will tell if zenSMB will be a success. But the last three and a half month were a great time for me. So far, this was absolutely worth it.

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