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David Tanzer works as freelance Trainer, Coach and Software Developer. You can find out more about me and what I do here. You can book me for a 3-day in-house "Software Quality" workshop where you'll learn several principles of software quality by doing hands-on exercises like this one. You can find a detailed German description of the workshop here: Workshop: Softwarequalität für Entwickler. Connect with David Tanzer: Follow me on Twitter, Add me on Google+ or Read my blog. I love getting mail! So, if you have any questions or just want to get in touch: Contact Me If you liked my session of workshop at Con-Fess or this blog post you might also be interested in my newsletter. As a little "Welcome Present" you'll get a list of "7 ideas to try in your next sprint" right after subscribing. Subscribe

From April 3rd to April 5th I was at the Con-Fess Conference in Vienna. There I gave a talk about “Offline Web Applications” and I facilitated a workshop about test driven development (TDD). If you came here because you met me at the conference, have a look at the right side bar, it might be interesting for you…

Here are the slides I used during my session and the workshop:

Session “Offline Web Applications” OfflineWebApplications.pdf Source code and step by step instructions: Offline Web Applications, a four-part series about building offline applications.

TDD Workshop TDD_as_if_you_mean_it.pdf BrutalRefactoringGame_Slides.pdf BrutalRefactoringGame_Smells.pdf

This post is a placeholder for now, I will add more content after the conference.