The fact that you are here probably means that we either met at Developer Week (DWX13) or that you are interested in the things I presented there. Here is some Information about who I am and what I did at DWX13.

My name is David Tanzer and I am a freelancer from Linz, Austria. I work as a trainer, coach and consultant and I help teams to become/stay agile and develop better software. More information about me, including all the ways you can contact me, can be found on the home page of

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DWX13 sessions

At the conference, I had two sessions. You can find some information about them and the slides I used here.

Konkurrenzfähig in die Zukunft

In this session I was talking about things that companies, teams and individuals can do to stay competitive in the future. Slides: KonkurrenzfaehigInDieZukunft.pdf To stay competitive as a company, you should try to become better at delivering features quickly and to attract great developers. A focus on increasing software quality can help you with both.

You can find a much shorter version of this talk here:

Other Links: Valve Handbook for New Employees

Offline Web Applications

In this session, I showed how you can write web applications that still work when the user is offline. For this you need a way to cache resources (“Appcache”) and a way to store significant amounts of data at the client device (“IndexedDB”). Slides: OfflineWebApplications.pdf

Some time ago I wrote a series of blog posts about this topic, you might be interested in them too: Offline Web Applications

IndexedDB Polyfill:, IndexedDB JQuery:

Other Resources

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