I have created two new Blogs. Yes, you read that right, “Blogs”, not “Blog Posts” :) The reason for me was that the content here on this site was very diverse, and I wanted some more focused sites. You will, from now on, find the following content on my blogs:

Here on davidtanzer.net, you will find stuff directly related to my work and random code snippets. Most of the content will be in English.

At devteams.at, you will find posts about managing software development, agile software development, and so on. All content will be in English.

At quickglance.at, you will find longer series about certain topics, like my current series about Simple Design. All content will be available in German and English.

All three sites have RSS feeds. But the easiest method to never miss one of my articles is my newsletter: Subscribe and you will get all of my articles from all sites before anybody else!