Software Development & Architecture

Scrum / Agile Development

Conferences, Talks, ...

  • Socrates 2012: My first open space, and maybe the best conference I have visited so far.
  • Droidcon Berlin 2012 - Day 1 (Barcamp): Impressions from the first day of Droidcon Berlin, with the slides of my barcamp talk about "Framework Design Principles" (in English, but shorter than the Mathema Campus talk).
  • Mathema Campus 2012: Impressions from the "Mathema Campus" and the slides of my talk about "Framework Design Principles" (in German).
  • Slides Mathema Campus 2010: The slides for my talks at the Mathema Campus 2010 in Erlangen, Germany
  • Slides Herbstcampus 2010 The slides from my presentations about "Acceptance test driven development" and "Architecture and design in agile projects".
  • Agile Methods (JUG-ERN) A talk about agile development (includes the slides as PDF)