I want that working with me is as friction-less and risk-free as possible for you. So here is what I think will work best for most engagements. If you want a to work together in a different way, we can do that too.

E-Mail and Phone Interview

After I receive your inquiry, I will send you an e-mail with a few questions. I’ll try to find out a little bit more about your company, your software development organization and what you want to achieve by hiring me. You can also send me an NDA that I should sign before we progress further. We will also find an appointment for a phone interview or an in-person meeting.

During the phone interview or in-person meeting, we will find out if I am the right person to solve your problems. I want you to get real value from hiring me. If I think that I can not provide enough value to justify my costs I will tell you and try to recommend somebody who can better help you solve your problems. If we decide that I would be a good fit, we proceed to a two day assessment.

Two Day Assessment

I will come to your company for a two-day assessment. You will pay a fixed price for the two days plus my travel expenses. In the two days, I will assess your current situation and improvement opportunities. At the end I will send you a short report with actionable improvement ideas. We can then decide if you try to implement the ideas on your own, or if you want to continue to work with me.

I already said that I want this to be risk-free for you. So, if I cannot come up with any improvement ideas that you think could work for you, I will not charge the fixed price for the two days. You only pay my travel expenses.

Further steps

From there on, there are many possibilities how we could work together. I could come to your company for a couple of days per year, look at the improvements you made and work with you on further steps. I could provide training and consulting on a regular basis for several months. Or I could work with your teams full time for some time. We will have to decide what is best for you based on the two day assessment.

Moneyback Guarantee

If we can agree on a short first engagement (a few days) and you are unhappy with the result, then I don’t want your money: You do not have to pay my rate. You will have to pay for my travel costs, though. From there, we can decide together how to proceed (and if we want to proceed). Note that this moneyback guarantee is only applicable for the very first contract. When we have already worked together in the past, I assume that you already know what value you can get from working with me.

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