Efficient and Effective Development

Software development is expensive. So developing software is a big investment - even if you only have a small team. You can only collect a return on your investment when your teams develop software efficiently and effectively. Are you losing money right now because your teams are not working as efficiently or effectively as possible? Learn more...

All Teams Struggle

A global optimum for software development probably does not exist. This means that all software teams - even the best - struggle in one area or another. There is always some room for improvement. Where does your team have room for improvement? Learn more...

Outside Help

You can probably solve most of your problems internally. But sometimes it is more efficient (and cheaper) to get outside help. Are there areas where an experienced outsider could help your organization? Learn more...

How can I help you?

Consulting: I can assess your situation and show you several improvement opportunities. Coaching: I can work with your developers and line managers on continuous improvement. Training: I can teach your developers new technical skills and methods for working together. Development: I can work with your team as a developer. Learn more...

That's me:

Picture of David TanzerMy name is David Tanzer and I have been working as an independent software consultant since 2006. I help my clients to develop software right and to develop the right software by providing training, coaching and consultanting for teams and individuals. I speak at conferences (like W-JAX, Con-Fess, Droidcon, the DOAG conference, Herbstcampus and others) and write a blog about software development.

I also do some Photography.

Or: Learn more about how I can help you save money and earn money by coaching & consulting your teams. Learn more about how working with me could look like.

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