Why I am teaching, coaching and consulting development teams...

There is too much bad code out there. And there is too much bad management out there. And there is too much frustration out there.

In the past 10+ years, which I spent as an independent consultant who helps teams who struggle with their code or their organization, I worked with many developers, testers, Scrum Masters, product owners and managers who were deeply frustrated.

They were frustrated because they had to work with bad code. Every day. They were frustrated because they had to test low-quality software. Every day. They were frustrated because they were moving slowly, which lost the business a lot of money. And they were frustrated because there was no time or no money or no support from other stakeholders to change anything.

It’s not like developers or testers want to produce bad code or work with bad software. They really want to do a great job. Sometimes their organizations’s policies prevents them from doing so. Sometimes they don’t know how to improve - they need training. Sometimes they just need a little practice - They need coaching and some time.

It’s not like Scrum Masters, product owners or managers want to be an impediment for their teams. They really want to do a good job. But they face the same problems as their teams: Not enough time to change, not enough practice in what they do, and an organization that prevents change.

Don’t get me wrong, not everything I saw out there is bad. Most teams I worked with so far actually did most things quite well. But almost all of them had their areas where they could have improved, almost all had their blind spots. And in allmost all of them, some team members were frustrated for some of the time.

I want to help individual developers, testers and managers to get better at their job. I want to help teams to become better at working together. I want to help managers, Scrum Masters and product owners to communicate better. I want to help organizations to develop software right, and to develop the right software.

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