Most of the code bases I have seen as a consultant in the past 10+ years had at least some problems with their designs and architectures. Some were actually quite good, with only minor problems. Others were at a point where developers could not do a good job anymore.

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Here are some articles I wrote about this topic:

  • Simple Design Passes It's Tests Why you need tests to have a good software design.
  • Boilerplate vs. Magic Boilerplate code can be a problem when writing new code, and sometimes when changing code. Magic can be a problem when reading code. You should strive to eliminate both.
  • Smaller Steps Why you should work in smaller steps. And have a save point you can revert to when something goes wrong.
  • 6 Reasons Why You Should Avoid SingletonsThe "Singleton Pattern" has no place in a modern software design. Do not use this pattern when designing software.
  • Changes and Simplicity You will only have a system that is easy to change if your design is really simple.
  • Well Crafted Code, Quality, Speed and Budget Well crafted code will ship faster, and here I explain why. This is basically the reason why you should always pay attention to the design and architecture of your software.

Even small problems in the design and architecture of a system can cost a ridiculous amount of money. So you should try to keep your design and architecture as clean as possible.

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