Say you are working with a team of 10 software developers. Every hour lost due to the small inefficiencies in your team costs you between 500 and 1000 Euros. Or even more, if you are in a high-wage area with high office space prices. And there’s always the risk of wasting a lot of time by not developing what your users want or by finding a high-impact defect. That’s why we want to become more agile and more effective. And that’s why you should work hard on removing and mitigating risk…

Here are some articles I wrote about this topic:

You can save a lot of money by improving the effectiveness of your teams. A professional coach can help you with that.

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I can help your teams to become more “agile”. That is, I help them to become more efficient and effective in developing software. Here is a variety of services I provide, please choose the one that suits you best right now:


I help you to find problems and opportunities for improvement. We brainstorm solutions.


I work with your team on a regular basis, helping them to become more effective themselves.


I teach your team the skills and techniques required to become more effective.


I work with your team on a regular basis, and I take part in the journey of the team to become more effective.


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