Is your quality really as high as you'd like it to be? Even small quality problems can be very expensive. Defects that escape to production cost an incredible amount of money and time. Especially if you factor in the time your users lose and your opportunity cost. Higher quality software is usually cheaper and faster. So you should continuously improve your quality...

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"Investments in quality always pay for themselves" - so the saying goes. Well, I think it is not that simple. But investments in quality do pay for themselves when done right.

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I can help you write higher quality code by creating good unit tests and using "Test Driven Development" and "Agile Acceptance Testing". Here is a variety of services I provide, please choose the one that suits you best right now:


I help you to find problems and opportunities for improvement. We brainstorm solutions.


I work with your team on a regular basis, helping them to write higher quality software themselves.


I teach your team the skills and techniques required to write higher quality software.


I work with your team on a regular basis, and I take part in writing higher quality software.


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