If you have been working on something significant with a large team for a while now, chances are that you have quite a bit of legacy code lying around now. Your legacy code is valuable to you - It works in production and provides value to your users. On the other hand, it impedes your progress. You need to rescue it... Here are some articles I wrote about this topic:

Don't let your legacy code slow you down. Don't throw away the valuable stuff in it by rewriting everything - That will take a long time and brings a lot of risk. Try to rescue your legacy code!

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I can help you rescue legacy code - and thus continue to earn money with the valuable code you wrote in the past. Here is a variety of services I provide, please choose the one that suits you best right now:


I help you to find problems and opportunities for improvement. We brainstorm solutions.


I work with your team on a regular basis, helping them to rescue the legacy code themselves.


I teach your team the skills and techniques required to rescue legacy code.


I work with your team on a regular basis, and I take part in rescuing the legacy code.


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