You know what you want to achieve, but you need somebody who works with your teams towards those goals on a daily or weekly basis. I will be there for your people and engage them to improve and grow.

All teams struggle. There is probably no global optimum for software development. This means that all software teams - even the best - struggle in one area or another. There is always some room for improvement.

In which area do you have most room for improvement? Maybe your teams could work together a little bit better. Maybe you are losing some money with every change of your software because your software architecture & design make it hard for your developers to understand the consequences of changes. Maybe your quality could be better.

Since software development is really expensive, even a small improvement in only one of those areas could mean that you save 10000 Euros, 50000 Euros, or more. Per team, per year!

How We Will Work Together

I can come to your company on a regular basis. I can work with your teams, line managers and middle management. Together we will work on improving your situation - Every month, every week or even more often. We can also do some of the coaching online - We can have Hangouts, do "remote pair programming", and you can ask questions per email.

If you have an idea what your problems are, but you want somebody who helps you to solve them in an efficient and effective way, coaching is right for you. You should take the next step!

Do you need help figuring out what is wrong and defining strategies to improve? Maybe consulting is a better fit for you. Or do you know your team needs to learn new things? You should take a look at my training offerings.

Next Step: Book Free Skype Consulting

Now we should find out if working together would make sense for us. I want to talk to you about what I can do for you. I would like to have a 30 minute Hangout or Skype call with you, where we can talk about what you need and how I can help you.

...Or Start With A Question:

You are not sure yet whether you want to work with me or if I can help you? Start with asking a question. Any question, really...

Just send your questions to: