David Tanzer


I believe in giving teams the knowledge to become more efficient, create software sustainably and have more fun in the process.

I teach the skills that they're going to need but wouldn't know how to ask for. And I can help support them when they further practice what they have learned, e.g. in a "3+2 day training" (see below).

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David selected exactly the right topics for us – Better than I had though would be possible in a workshop. I can already use what we have learned in my day-to-day work, and I see that others around me have changed their way of working too.

Simon B., Workshop Attendee

Already convinced? Let's talk about how I can help your team become more effective: Contact me at business@davidtanzer.net

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Why Training?

You realize that your team needs to learn something - A new skill, like Test Driven Development, Evolutionary Design, ... -or- a specific technology, like Java, React, ... . Should your team learn it on their own or should you hire a trainer? Could I maybe help you?

Should you hire an external trainer or try to learn what you need by yourself? I am sure you could do the latter, but it might take longer than you think.

When you hire me as a trainer, I will create a time and space where learning can happen. During those few days, everybody will be focused on learning - and not skip it because of some distraction.

I will prepare exercises that guide people from the easy stuff to more advanced topics. And I can help them when they get stuck.

I will watch out for people who fall behind and will make sure that others help them. So, after the training, everyone should have roughly the same knowledge.

Trainings I Teach

General Skills

  • Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • Introduction to Agile Software Development
  • Working with legacy code
  • Introduction to software crafting (includes TDD, evolutionary design, legacy code, pair / mob programming, agile, ...)
  • ...


  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Introduction to React and Redux
  • "New" Java features
  • ...
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Attendees will be learning some things all by themselves and some things in exercises where I will guide and support them. In between I will present some theory or background that is necessary for the task at hand.

At the end of the trainings, when we write down all the things people have learned, they are often amazed at how much they accomplished.

If you want, we can further practice together what you have learned by adding one or two "coaching" days to the training. Here is a longer write-up of what happened during such a "3+2 days" training: Practice - Longer than a Code Kata.

And most attendees really enjoy the training days:

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How you did the exercises with us - In two phases, where we learned about the problem in the first phase and about the solution in the second - Was great! This made us learn the topics more thoroughly.

Workshop Attendee

Do you want to find out whether a training with me would make sense for your team too? Contact me at business@davidtanzer.net and we can discuss the details.